What are the benefits?

The benefits of offering scooter hire to your staff are many and varied, not only for you but for the individual employee too.

How Wheels 2 Work can benefit your members of staff

It can save them money

  • They may spend less of their income on travelling to work
  • Our scooters are low cost to maintain and are very efficient to run
  • Training and ongoing support, including kit, is subsidised at a lower rate

It can improve their quality of life

  • Scooter hire can reduce their travelling time to and from work and increases free time to spend with family and friends
  • It could be a stepping stone to owning their own vehicle
  • Scooter hire offers freedom and independence as no longer reliant on taxis or lifts from friends and family

It can improve their career opportunities or earning potential

  • The staff member’s potential employment opportunities such as up-take of overtime or late shifts are no longer limited by living in a rural location
  • The staff member’s transport Independence can lead to improved confidence and career development

How Wheels 2 Work can benefit your business

You can see greater output and improved efficiency

  • The employees new found freedom and independence can increase their morale leading to a higher rate of performance
  • Happier better rested staff perform better
  • Improving the ease and flexibility of their transport improves punctuality which increases your efficiency and reduces down time
  • Having fewer staff reliant on other 3rd party means of transport increases the number of staff suitable for overtime and flexible shift patterns

You can see a reduction in costs associated with employee recruitment and retention

  • You could see a reduction in staff turnover.If it’s easier to get to work, the employee is more likely to stay in the job.
  • You can widen your labour pool for overtime, late shifts etc because the staff members are not reliant on any other means of transport other than their scooter.
  • Happier staff perform better which can increase your efficiency and output as well as leading to career development opportunities for the individuals, lowering your hiring and retention costs.

Zero cost to you, the employer!