What is Wheels to Work?

Wheels 2 Work Lincolnshire is an affordable scooter hire scheme which gives your members of staff the freedom to travel wherever and whenever they want, at a time that suits them meaning that they

  • can get to work on time, improving your efficiency
  • are not reliant on public transport timetables, making your labour pool for overtime and ‘tricky’ shifts easier to fill
  • are more likely to remain in the role, reducing your staff turnover rates and associated costs of rehiring or relying on temps

Scooter hire is available to anyone over 16 years old with a full or provisional driving licence. Our scooter hire costs £42 per week. We have 50cc and 110cc scooters available for hire and we work with the individual to find the best and most affordable scooter for their situation.

Each new rider on the scheme will be provided with full Compulsory Basic Training so that they, you (and we) are confident that they can handle all situations they may come across whilst riding on the roads. We also offer ongoing support with any queries they may have and to help them to maintain their scooter.

Wheels to Work Lincolnshire is run by Access Your Future Ltd, a social enterprise and is supported by Lincolnshire county Council. All profit made from the scheme is reinvested to improve and protect the scheme in the future.