Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire:
At no point does Access Your Future W2W scheme accept any responsibility or can be held liable for injury or death to the person below as a result of them participating in this scheme.

1. The prime purpose of this vehicle hire is for the Rider to access work, training or further education during the term of this agreement. The vehicle specified (or any replacement vehicle issued to the Rider by the Lender during the term of this hire agreement) remains the property of the Lender, and its hire to the Rider is subject to review by the Lender. The Rider agrees to supply on request details regarding the Rider's income, employment, financial commitments and training circumstances, and the Rider agrees that such information may be used in the review process to determine the duration of the hire period.

2. During the term of this agreement, the Rider WILL NOT: carry pillion passengers, ride under the influence of drink, drugs or medicine or ride out of the county without written consent from the Lender. Nor will they lend the vehicle to, or allow it to be ridden by any other person

3. In the event that the vehicle is stolen the rider accepts that they will be liable for the excess (£300 - £400) charged by our insurance company to claim against our loss. The excess will have to be paid in full to the lender before a replacement vehicle is supplied. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure the vehicle is locked securely when left unattended, even for short periods of time. The lender also advices that the rider considers carefully where they leave the vehicle unattended, is the area safe and secure?

4. The Rider undertakes to drive safely, to abide by the Highway Code, and to comply with the Law at all times. If the Rider's use of the vehicle contravenes the law in any way, Access Your Future reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement immediately. The Rider will be liable for all fines or penalties  (including parking fines), all costs towards any accident and repair costs  sustained through the Rider's use, abuse or miss-use of the vehicle during the term of this vehicle hire agreement and hereby indemnifies the Lender to this effect. If the Rider misuses the vehicle and thus causes damage to it in any way Access Your Future reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement immediately and the Rider will be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained.

5. The vehicle must always be kept in a roadworthy condition. The vehicle must be serviced by Access-Your-Future only in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines supplied to the Rider on issue.  It is the Rider’s responsibility to notify Access Your Future when a service is due. The Lender will arrange for its regular inspection and maintenance during the term of this hire agreement, and the Rider's attendance at such inspections is an essential condition of this hire. Failure to attend may result in the termination of the hire. However, if at any time the Rider believes for any reason that the vehicle has become or is likely to become un-roadworthy, the necessary maintenance must be carried out immediately by a workshop approved by the Lender before it is used on the road again. The Rider will contact the Lender's office immediately should a problem occur. Servicing and maintenance are usually carried out quickly, but the Rider may have to wait whilst the work is carried out or find and fund alternative transport while the Rider's vehicle is in the garage. The Rider MUST NOT attempt to carry out maintenance work on the vehicle other than the Daily and Weekly Tasks referred to in the service schedule supplied. The vehicle should be stored under cover and locked at all times when not in use. Under the hire scheme all scheduled service costs (excluding items in clause 3) will be met by Access Your Future.

6  The Rider hereby confirms receipt of the new safety equipment issued and the service schedule.

7. The Rider hereby consents to the reasonable use of photographs of the Rider for publicity purposes only. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, the Rider also consents to the Rider's personal details being stored on the Lender's databases, and that such information may be shared with legitimate organisations and used for evaluation purposes.

8. The Rider will inform the Lender of any change of circumstances that could affect the hire agreement and, in particular, insurance issues, change of address and/or telephone number, driving offences or convictions incurred after the hire commences.

9. The Rider agrees to pay and continue to pay, in advance; all weekly or monthly contributions to the Lender [see clauses 11-13 below]. Failure to maintain full and timely payments will result in Access Your Future retrieving the vehicle, with the Rider paying for any outstanding contributions and the cost to Access Your Future of retrieving the vehicle.

10. The vehicle remains the property of the Lender at all times, and the Rider undertakes to return it in good condition at the end of the hire. The Lender, at its cost, will provide Insurance cover and road fund licence during the term of this hire agreement. Any special conditions imposed on the Rider by the Lender's insurers must be complied with. The Rider undertakes to secure personal injury cover if so required.

11. The Lender in the following circumstances may terminate this hire agreement:

(A) In accordance with clauses 2 and 4, above;

(B) Failure to pay agreed contributions in accordance with clause 8, above;

(C) Following a review by the Lender in accordance with clause 1, above;

(D) At the discretion of the Lender in the event that the Rider breaches any other term of this hire agreement; and

(E) At the discretion of the Lender by providing the Rider with two months notice.

12. In the event that this  hire agreement is terminated in accordance with clause 10 above or 12 below, the Rider will return the vehicle  to the Lender at the earliest possible opportunity; or the Lender will collect this at the earliest possible opportunity and charge the Rider for doing so. For the avoidance of doubt, the Rider will remain liable for any loss or damage caused to the vehicle by the Rider until the vehicle is inspected by a staff member of the Lender. Please note failure to pay the agreed contributions or outstanding costs of damage, service or maintenance to the vehicle could lead the Lender taking Debt Collection Agency or court action against the Rider.

13. The Rider may terminate this hire agreement at any time by giving written notice to the Lender and returning the vehicle to the Lender in a good and serviceable condition, together with any contributions or other outstanding payments due.

14. Without prejudice to any liability of the Rider, which may already have arisen under this hire agreement, the Rider will not be liable for future payments of weekly contributions in the event that this hire agreement is terminated in accordance with the clauses above.