Georgina, Home Shopper for Major Supermarket

Name: Georgina
Age: 26
Job: Home Shopper for a major supermarket chain
Time as a W2W rider: 5 months

“I found out about Wheels 2 Work because my boyfriend was on the scheme. I was terrified before joining, but I knew that because of where we lived I needed an affordable and flexible way to get around so that I could get on better in my current job and work the hours they wanted me to without hassling friends and family for lifts.  I had had some driving experience before in a car but had never been on a scooter.  During my CBT it took me a while before I could take both feet off the floor but the trainers at Wheels 2 work were great and once I got going I loved it.  You get a real sense of freedom when you’re riding your scooter.  It feels completely different to driving a car.

"You get a real sense of freedom when you're riding your scooter."

Because of Wheels 2 Work we are both able to get out to work.  With two incomes life has become much easier and more enjoyable.   We can now do more things together as a couple and regularly go on little day trips on our scooters. It also means that I can get to some important, regular medical appointments so in a way it has also helped make me healthier.

"It's a real lifeline"

I would recommend Wheels 2 Work to anyone if you are willing to drive safely and practice. I have recommended the scheme to a couple of people who I work with who are struggling with getting to work on time because they don’t have their own transport. It’s a real lifeline.”